Painting Online This Fall and Brilliant Color to Come

Into the Sky Sunflower Bouquet
16X16, oil on archival panel, purchase information

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Italy 2017
France 2017

Sometimes it's hard to think of a name for a painting, especially if your brush has been acquainted with a particular flower on more than several occasions! Into the Sky just popped into my imagination, as a late evening at the studio easel drew to a close. I think there's a message for me in there, and it has something to do with hope!

In a few days, I'll be sharing details about my fall online workshop. We'll be painting sunflowers, poppies, daisies and more, but the rest I'm saving as a surprise for you. You can sign up for the colorful scoop right here. Here's to a fall filled with brilliant color!

The studio models take a bow!