Beneath the Wild Sky Iris Garden and a Big Announcement

Beneath the Wild Sky Iris Garden
16X16, Oil on Museum Quality Panel, Purchase Information


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Italy and France 2016


I posted another Facebook live video today, my third one - and the good news is, I succeeded in not accidentally letting my houseslippers show in the film. I've also learned that if I keep kibble on hand, I can lure her majesty, AnnieBee, into posing for her admirers during part of the shoot. This is always a big hit. I was feeling downright smart about the whole thing, until I lost my wifi connection and the video cut short just a bit! whoospie! If you missed the video clip, you can see it by clicking here. I shared a peek at my new little bistro table and chairs, and my new cute little squishable peony pillows that arrived a few days ago. But I digress!

I have a big announcement to make, but not....quite....yet! I'll be sharing it in my next newsletter and if you love color, if you love painting, and if you love FREE stuff, you won't want to miss it. Have you signed up yet? I sure hope so, the early bird gets the blossom, flower friends!

My little breakfast nook! Check out my new peony pillows here....