Don't Worry Daisy and a New French Escape

Don't Worry Daisy
Oil on Gallery Wrap Canvas

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St. Cirq Lapopie, Southern France

St. Cirq Lapopie, Southern France

Do you ever have one of those songs going around and around in your head? Don't Worry Baby was the song that wouldn't quite leave my noggin, thus the title of my new daisy painting! And a good message, too, I have so many flower petals in the fire right now, and lots of exciting things happening. My first 2016 France workshop has almost filled, so I just opened a second one August 1-11, 2016, at my favorite place on earth, Le Vieux Couvent in Frayssinet.

This week I FaceTime painted with a friend from Ireland. Hopefully I didn't startle her too badly when I snuck AnnieBee's stuffed rat toy onto the easel! There's a new video on the Flower Mound film schedule (what will it be? You'll have to bribe me with donuts for the scoop but there will be something French in it....!) Most importantly, the puggies ave me back on my (their) regular schedule, preparing three solid meals for them a day, with oodles of snacks in between, beginning, of course, with the "I Just Woke Up Mom and I'm Cute So I Get a Snack" snack. From that point, things digress considerably throughout the day. Just be glad you aren't here to witness the extent to which I obey all commands. 

Finally, I have lots of surprises coming up. One of them involves painting in Cape Cod, Massachusetts. And having a workshop there. And visiting a famous pastry shop there. Well, now that's not a surprise any more, is it? How to reserve your spot? Drop me a line at - this will be a small workshop so the spots will fill quickly! Stay perky flower friends, life is always abuzz in the flower factory!

Captured from the van window, on the road to Rocamadour, France!

Captured from the van window, on the road to Rocamadour, France!