Le Affair to Remember and French Apricots and Sunflowers

French Apricots and Sunflowers

Class Demonstration, Frayssinet, France
Oil on Museum Quality Panel


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There is something sublime and divine about painting in a place where prayers were offered for hundreds of years. My students and I have explored three villages, a market, and a castle in our free time away from the studio and the biggest trips are yet to come!  I've been sharing videos and photos of our adventures in the gardens and villages of Southern France each day on my Facebook page, and a little film here is designed to get you in the proper frame of mind for croissants and breakfast in the rose garden.

But first, a true confession. While wandering about after my third foray into the art shop in ancient Cahors yesterday, I happened upon a gentleman who quite captured my heart. Please do not tell my husband, but I have fallen in love with a Frenchman. He was not tall, but had exquisite brown eyes and such a lovely smile. The moment our eyes met, it was clear we were meant for one another. Even though he was minding his Mother on a nearby bench, within moments we were caught up in a rather scandalous moment of kissing and mutual adoration that even passersby could not ignore. I hope you will not judge me harshly for my indiscretion. Once you have gazed upon him, I'm sure you will agree has a remarkable resemblance to Dr. Zhivago or perhaps Ernest Borgnine, at the very least. And remember, mum's the word, what happens in France, stays in France!