Tough Decisions About Italy and Vintage Blue Tulip Gardens

Class Demonstration

Vintage Blue Tulip Garden
Oil on Deep Gallery Wrap Canvas

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It's time to make some tough decisions around Flower Mound Studio, and no, this does not involve insisting AnnieBee eliminate one toy because she got three new ones today. This is much more serious. I have to decide which Italian villages, markets, and castles to tour with my Tuscany students next week. Cortona, Siena, San Gimignano, oh my - I think I need a glass of wine! As if this were not enough pressure, I was just informed by a thoughtful and kind friend that Friday is national donut day here in the US and she will be enjoying it without me. Oy!! Before things get completely out of hand, I have to get my sticky notes out and write stuff down. Here are a few of my jottings, if you were headed to Italy for the first time in your life, what would be on your to-do list? Hmmm??

- teaching in Italy next week for the first time!

- touring the place near where the Renaissance began!

- staying in a hotel in Rome within walking distance of the Coliseum!

- visiting fields of poppies in full bloom!

Bon journo, and ciao bella, ya'll - I promise to share LOTS of pictures with you of my grand adventures. I can't make such promises about gelato, however, you know how it gets all melty if you try to share, after all.... 


The classroom models take a bow and a dip in Sonoma! (Perhaps some-tulips had too much wine?)