Painting Sonoma Sunflowers and You Know You're in California When...

Class Demonstration

Wild Garden Sunflowers
Oil on Gallery Wrap Canvas, Sold


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I am just back this evening from my first Sonoma, California, workshop, where the sunsets were spectacular, the fresh flowers were plentiful, and you couldn't walk five feet without stumbling into a gorgeous vineyard! We painted tulips, hydrangeas, cosmos, daisies, and delphiniums and I was acclimated back to the California I love before I had even polished off a glass of red! 

Most of all, I knew immediately, while standing in line for my gourmet iced mocha coffee with extra mocha, that I was back in California. The sign at the checkout stated my selection that day was certifiably gluten free, organic, non-GMO laced, fair-trade grown, vegan, women-owned, and socially responsible. 

My next workshop is in Tuscany, Italy, and I have a few seats left so pack your wine glass and your sun hat and join me for the peak of poppy bloom! I'm saving a bowl of gelato with your name on it!


Thanks so much Rochelle Wines for a delicious wine tasting event!