Close to Heaven Pink Peonies and Remembering Mom

Close to Heaven Pink Peonies
Oil on Gallery Wrap Canvas
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I've been thinking a lot about heaven lately, since I now have one more guardian angel, perhaps the most powerful one I have ever had. I thought I would only feel my Mother's presence the morning after she died, when I felt a blanketing warmth and comfort surround me from the top of my head to the tips of my toes. But today I felt her with me again, a transcendent peace settled over me this morning as I watched the sun finally come out after a night of ferocious thunderstorms. I think we all wish and hope that we will never truly lose the ones we love most, and perhaps this is all just wishful thinking. My friends assure me that I will be fatigued almost always now, since even if I am not aware of it, the brain is processing after a loss of this magnitude. If so, what a blessing to have a tired mind that allows my thoughts to wander to such feelings and memories of Mom's love. More than any other memory, I keep picturing my Mom at her kitchen table, stirring a glass of iced tea, and laughing. If there were one epithet I would hope for, it would be that people said of me, "I always remember her laughing." What a wonder to have lived my life with a Mother who had a magical laugh and an easy smile and a heart always open to others.

The studio models take a bow and a dip!