Pink Blush Tulips, a Radio Show and a New Video in Bloom

Pink Blush Tulips
Oil on Deep Gallery Wrap Canvas
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I was feeling quite blue about missing the tulip fest at the Dallas Arboretum this spring, when I stumbled upon a bouquet of big pink tulips at the flower market today. I could hardly wait to get them home and put them under the spotlight! Pink Blush Tulips celebrates all my favorite spring colors, with a mix of warm peach and pink spring hues.

The real prize at the market was a bundle of peonies - cross your fingers, toes and flower petals that the peonies will fluff open in the next day or two and be ready to pose for a painting! If I get really lucky, they'll hold up for my next DVD filming coming up very soon. (Stay tuned for more details on the new video lesson coming up soon...)

My first radio interview aired a few days ago, for Artists Helping Artists on Blog Talk Radio. Awesome hostesses Margaret Sheldon and Leslie Saeta put me right at ease, and the puggies even cooperated, not interrupting even once. I am very proud that Margaret's helper, Gus, tuned in with a few snores, from his strategic nap position at her feet. What's an interview without input from the helpers? (Apparently not a single leaf fluttered outside during the interview, or else the Leaf Flutter Alert System would have gone into full puggy action mode!) You can hear the whole interview, even if you missed the event, since it's all on the streaming thingy ma bob system. Break out the popcorn and enjoy!

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The studio models take a bow!

The studio models take a bow!