Blog Talk Radio and Sugar Queens in New Orleans

Sugar Queen Hydrangeas ~ Class Demonstration
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No sooner had I unpacked my brushes from back to back workshops in Nashville and New Orleans, and it was time to prep for my Blog Talk Radio interview for Artists Helping Artists!

Click here for Blog Talk Radio at 11 am CT April 23

I'm so nervous! What if I forget my name? Worse yet, what if I forget the studio helpers' names? I should prepare a speech. I should make things in the speech rhyme so I won't forget them. Will I even be able to sleep tonight? Leslie Saeta and Margaret Sheldon, the hostesses, assure me it's just a chat between friends, nothing to be concerned about. Nevertheless, my motto is: It's best to be over-prepared.

I've glued post-it notes all over my computer and begun gargling with salt water. I've got little notes to remember my name, remember yellow and blue makes green, all those things that sometimes flee from my 50-plus-year-old brain. I wonder if they'll do one of those 10 minute delays, in case of pug-tastrophe. The time Howard Pee Pugpants decided to throw up in the middle of my DVD video shoot, loudly and with great enthusiasm, comes to mind...

But enough fretting, I can't think of anything better to calm the nerves than photos of one of my favorite places on earth - the Big Easy! I do love New Orleans, and used to visit every weekend back when there Fun Fares (youngsters won't have a clue what those are...). Don't worry Nashville chickadees, I haven't forgotten you - I've got some great images to share of my Tennessee ladies next time, including the scoop on one student who sang for us, in addition to being an uber talented painter, AND my youngest workshop student ever! I had a fabby time with all these recent travels, but my next workshop stop is right here close to home - the Dallas Arboretum - I'm saving a tulip with your name on it, cher!


The classroom models take a bow!

The classroom models take a bow!