Step by Step Peonies and How to Keep Your Colors Clean ~ Happy Thanksgiving From Flower Mound Studio!

Butterfly Rest Stop Pink Peonies
Oil on Gallery Wrap Canvas, Sold


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France 2016



Thanksgiving is a most favorite holiday in our household, if one were to take a vote from the residents. It's only logical, considering the humans are outnumbered by the Pugs at the polls, and Pugs consider eating a national sport.

I've created a little step by step for you showing how Butterfly Rest Stop Pink Peonies came to bloom. I always begin my paintings with clean, transparent colors - transparents are your super powers! To find out if a color you are using is a transparent, check the little square on the tube. If the square is black, it is opaque. If the square is white, it is transparent. A line down the middle means it is semi-opaque. If the tube does not have the small square on it, check the web site or label for more information on the transparency index.

Always reach for a transparent when you have a choice, it will help keep your colors clean and fresh and avoid muddying up your pretty petals.

Happy Thanksgiving flower friends, may you be blessed as we enter the holiday season, and may you be surrounded by loved ones each and every day.