Shooting Star Pink Hydrangeas

Shooting Star Pink Hydrangeas
Oil on Deep Gallery Wrap Canvas

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France 2016


I went to the market for eggs and milk today and ended up with a shopping cart filled with hydrangeas, stock, daisies, and two bundles of new lilies. Clearly, I should not be allowed to shop without adult supervision. A friend mentioned today how lucky I am to have a job where fresh flowers is a business expense. They were absolutely right - and vases and fruit and paint brushes, too! It's a shame I can't write off the pug helpers. They do provide valuable assistance from time to time, alerting me when a leaf flutters outdoors and also making sure I'm aware of mealtimes and snack times throughout the day. Grabbing mouthfuls of my art notes and running through the house with them (with me hollering and chasing them) is also a great way to break up the monotony, after all.

We are about to enter into the headlong holiday rush, and I've got a super big announcement coming up. Stay tuned to my art newsletter flower friends, for all the flower news that's fit to print, plus gratuitous pictures of the pug helpers!

The studio models take a bow! (and the oranges roll around a bit...)